Schools and Groups


Possibility of organizing holidays and stay for schools and groups as well as school camps and summer camps. The Center for Environmental Experience offers a wide range of services dedicated to didactic programs for schools and to tourists with thematic tours, day visit and school camps.

Between Land and Water

The territory, the history and the environment of the Polvese Island. A journey through the castle, the monastery, the Church of San Giuliano, the olive groves, the holm oak wood of St. Leonard and the garden of aquatic plants, to appreciate and enjoy the history and nature of the island.


My Footprint

A path to build and analyze the personal ecological footprint as well as the one of the community of belonging (family, school, neighborhood ) and compare it with that of other peoples of the world.


The territory: a book to flip through

Path of landscape analysis for the interpretation of changes in the territory determined over time by man and nature.


The shop of herbs

Medicinal and aromatic herbs, dyeing and textile, recognition, use, and history of herbs. A journey through history as “trainee of the shop” in search of herbs, working in flavoring preparations and dry cleaners, discovering traditions and culture.


The gold of the island

History of the olive trees and the art of the olive oil among food, technology and myths. The path takes place on the island in the fall when the olives are harvested and grinded at the mill for the production of high-quality Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil.


The Seasons and the Four Elements

A fascinating game based on the relations between science and culture to experience the Island when seasonal changes produce resonances and echoes of water, earth, air and fire. The path takes place during the day outings in October, January, April, June.


The enchanted island

With songs, rhymes, stories and games will be unveiled the “enchanted” territory of the Polvese island. A route among the castle, the Tuoro and the garden of aquatic plants. The trail is suitable for children of nursery school and I° and II° class of the primary school.


  • Hiking.
  • Orienteering, use of topographic maps and compass.
  • Treasure Hunt.
  • Collecting of natural artifacts and observation to the stereo-microscope.
  • Sampling and analysis of the lake water with an assessment of their quality.
  • Sampling of the phyto-purifier and the Garden of Aquatic Plants with analysis of the water quality.
  • Practical tests of phyto-depuration with functioning models.
  • Construction of models functioning with solar and photovoltaic energy.
  • Creating objects with natural materials of the area: clay, straws, shells, wicker, etc..
  • Collection and recognition of aromatic wild herbs, medicinal and edible.
  • Setting up of a herbarium, realization of bags and scented salts, tinctures, oily solutions.
  • Analysis of the landscape of the island with practical workshop at the Garden of Aquatic Plants of Porcinai.
  • Workshops about nutrition education on cereals and the typical products of the territory. Calculation of the ecological and water footprint.
  • Role playing game about the history of the island.
  • Entertainment on the natural environment for the little ones.
  • Canoe (only from June to September).